It used to be that the holiday season in Moville started in May and ended in September with the Oyster Festival. However, the season is getting shorter and shorter.

An exact start date and end date has now been put on the season by a couple of local restaurateurs.

It seems that the holiday season now starts on July 12th when those trying to escape the marches head north to Moville. The end of August is the end of the holiday season. This year that date will be September 1st – the Sunday of the BeatlesFest on the Lough.

That makes the holiday season precisely 52 days. Local restaurants and pubs and other businesses have to make enough during that period to keep them going through the dark days of the winter when many of them just tick over.

Someone needs to come up with the big idea which would extend the tourist season or even come up with an idea that attracts people all the year round.

We’re still exporting our children in vast numbers. They are now our biggest export.