There is a whole host of those brown butterflies this year. Conditions must suit them this year as probably about 9 out of every 10 butterflies I’ve seen this year are the brown ones. It’s usually the Cabbage Whites that are the most common. There are some of those around but probably not as many as normal and not so many Tortoiseshells or Red Admirals have been seen.

Although there are a few bees around there doesn’t seem to be many wasps. It seems that is because of the late spring when we were about 6 weeks behind. Normally the Putting Green Cafe has been plagued with them. They are after the jam on the delicious cream teas and the soft drinks but there has been no such problem this year.

Of course there are loads of snails again who have eaten all the leaves from my gooseberry bushes. There doesn’t seem to be a year when they are in short supply.