Did you miss the Sixties? You’ve got a 2nd chance to be part of it with Sixties Week in Moville from Aug 22nd to Sep 1st. It takes in both Stuck Inside of Moville, Ireland’s only annual festival of Bob Dylan music and the BeatlesFest on the Lough. During the week in between there will be Sixties music on in the pubs.

During that week people will be asked to wear Sixties gear and Sixties make-up, especially during the BeatlesFest weekend which takes place from Aug 29th to Sep 1st. The DylanFest will take place from Aug 22nd to 25th.


Taking part in the Sixties Week so far are Maguires, the Town Clock (Big Ben’s) and Rosatos in Moville. In Greencastle the Ferryport and the Sean Ti are involved. More pubs may be added. We may also include Derry for their special City of Culture year – for one year only.

We’ve made contact with The Bailey to see if they want to be involved and the indications are good. The plan would be that youngsters could come out to the pubs in their Sixties Gear and make-up and then go on to The Bailey afterwards.

I’ve also asked the local charity shops to stock up on Sixties Gear for the big week.

Good Indications

The indications are good for this year’s festivals. The DylanFest and the BeatlesFest are both in the Derry City of Culture 2013 Programme of Events (page 118). Both festivals are also in The Gathering Calendar of Events.

I’ve had quite a few people contact me about it and there have been quite a few hits from The Gathering website to CraicOn by people looking for more info. I even had the Donegal Tourist Office calling me saying that they had a woman there asking how to buy tickets for the DylanFest. It seems that she had already looked at CraicOn but she couldn’t find how to buy tickets online for it. I let he know that it was all free.

Sixties Clothes

So, if you’ve still got any Sixties clothes and either wear them yourselves or pass them on to the charity shops. If you’re a youngster ask you mum (or gran) if she has any old Sixties clothes. Either that or go looking in Primark or elsewhere for them.

People I’ve spoken to so far think it is a good idea – even those that don’t like the Beatles or Dylan and are looking forward to it.

I told a Derry taxi driver about it and he said that there would be people in Moville & Greencastle who would just wear their normal clothes. They are a witty lot from Derry.

It looks as if it is going to well attended and a lot of fun. Maybe we could get the local beauty shops to do a special offer for applying Sixties make-up.