Muff Community Park has opened and is proving a HUGE success with the local community and beyond. However it still needs a lot of funds to pay for the finished result and to continue work. This can only be achieved by continued support from the community.

Having seen what an amazing space this is for our children surely everyone can contribute a little towards it. A little really does go a long way.

Over the past week the park has been packed with families and resulting from the good weather they are staying for a good part of the day. Picnics and snacks are being brought along and a lovely family day out is being had by all.

Not only is the park a play area for the children but it’s also a meeting point for parents and friends. It’s therefore a very big part of the social life of the area.

In order to raise the necessary funds a Car Boot Sale has been organised for Saturday 24th August. The Sale will take place at St Mary’s Community Hall, Muff. The cost will be €10 for a pitch/stall. The Sale begins at 10.30am.

So get your wares and unwanted household items together and plan your boot sale stall. You may even make a few bob!