On their monthly night out the Muff ladies found themselves standing on the street last night outside the restaurant booked for 6.30pm. Apparently there had been a fire there earlier in the week and was temporarily closed (at least the ladies can’t be blamed for it…I hope!). So a short walk to the Mandarin Palace and the accommodating staff there ensured that the Muff gals were once more seated and ready for some serious banter and craic! Excellent food and wine followed alongside superb table service.

Before the night was over the gals had been on a Caribbean cruise, had a selection of Turkish baths and got a glimpse into the future!! These gals just never fail to deliver. And then they casually sat and ate dessert!

As always the stories flowed and one lady was thrown into the water on a Turkish beach, one is taking me to LA and another is planning to see into her future very soon! Then the clothes, shoe and handbag swapping got underway! Between gold clutch bags to good summer reads to wedge shoes, a certain Muff businessman is going to have his shop turned into a ‘swap’ shop over the coming days! I hope he’s prepared for it!

Whilst opening the fortune cookies at the end of a lovely meal how lovely that one of the gals got one saying ‘God gives us our relatives, but thank Heaven we choose our friends’! Ahhhh…Mind you getting those fortune cookies took some speaking out! Having ordered off the early-bird menu (which does NOT include your fortune cookies and hot wipes) one bold and brass Muff lady was ever so sweet to the lovely waiter and in return he granted her request!

And just to top the night off the ladies experienced ‘road rage’ on the way home! And a Muff van was the culprit. Whist the lovely taxi man Seamus from Culmore taxis was faring the gals home, the Muff van came up on the outside and sped past (in a 30mph zone). The van was doing rather a lot more than the 30mph!! Maybe bicycles would be safer!!

So the ladies have retired for yet another month but no doubt there’ll be more escapades very soon once August is upon them.