As the hot weather had come I decided to go to Smyths and get an outdoor swimming pool. I’d got them before from Smyths but the last one now has holes in it so I thought I’d get another.

I didn’t see any proper sized pools there so I asked one of the assistants who was carrying a clipboard.

“We’ve run out of swimming pools and there will be no more till next summer” he said.

That was a bit of a blow. I decided to walk over to Argos and try there. THere were none there either of the size I wanted. There was a blue one and silver one which were 12 feet wide. That would do. There were none of the silver ones left and none at any of their other stores and so I couldn’t even order it.

Blue Pool

There were none of the blue ones either in the store but at least I could order it. I decided to go for it while there were still any left. It would take a week to get one to the store though.

I go back next Monday hoping that I’m not told “Sorry, we ran out of them”.

It seems that the manager of the Argos store lives in Moville. I think the assistant said it was a ‘she’. I wonder who it is.