They did it once again. The sun helped, of course. Although it didn’t have any connection with it, as far as I know, it was a great event to put on during Feelgood Fortnight. The Sports & Fun Day is one of the events most looked forward to in the Moville Year. It’s run by Moville Celtic and raises funds for it.

It’s very well organised and enormous fun for people of all ages. There’s a great selection of home-made produce. I took a bagful away with me to eat over the coming days. I always do that at the Garden Fete that the Presbyterian Church runs every year (Presbyterians make exceedingly good cakes). I wonder when it is on this year, or have I missed it?

Games People Play

There was all sorts of games that you could take part in. When I left young Josh Lafferty was winning the football competition where you had to kick a ball through holes of varying sizes to get 3, 6 or 10 points. He had 15 points from 5 kicks which is pretty good.

The compere added to the jollity keeping people up to date with events and what was for sale. he said “There’s still plenty of burgers for sale – even though Sarah McHenry has just been over at the stall”.

When I appeared eating an ice cream he said “I’d just like to remind you that we have ice cream on sale. There’s Gerry McLaughlin eating one.” I was wondering whether he thought that other people might like to copy me but he followed it up with “at least that will keep him quiet for 5 minutes”.

I’d always considered myself quiet reserved.

Other ‘targets’ enjoyed his ribald humour too. He said that people had come from far and wide. He’d talked to some of those that had come from far and quite a few of the wide ones too.


Everyone had smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the sun and the fun. That would be a good name for it if they knew beforehand it was going to be good weather – Fun in the Sun.

It was Margaret Harkin and her sister who were working at the Hamburger Stall and the young Gillespie girl who works at Rosatos (I forget her first name). I asked if the Burgers were as good as the ones in Rosatos and when I was assured that they were I purchased one. The hot dogs must have been popular on a hot day as they were already gone.

No Charge

They used to charge to get in but not this year. I think it is a good idea not to as people come out with a certain amount of money to spend and they will spend it on the games and food anyway. They might as well have an extra bit of fun with the money and Moville Celtic will get it anyway.

Hopefully they would have made a big pot of money today. A lot of work must have gone into setting it up and running it and a lot of people had a lot of fun in the sun.

Have you noticed that everybody seems much more cheerful in the last week or two? Feelgood Fortnight has helped, but having a bit of sun has helped as well.

Long may it continue.