I’m told that 1995 was the last year when we had a good July and August for the weather. It seems, also, that the previous good July and August prior to that was in 1976. So, there has not been many of them. Anyone under 20 wouldn’t remember any of them.

A couple of years ago we were promised a Barbecue Summer by the weather forecasters who were then commonly mocked when it didn’t happen. One girl told me that she bought a bikini at the start of summer and never got to use it at all.

Good Spell

It happens here every year that there is a good spell of weather in May or June and people start daring to think that this might just be the year that we get a good summer. Others say “It’s come too soon” as if we are only allotted a certain amount of good days in a year and the Gods will punish us with bad days in July and August if we have too many in May or June.

We had that spell in early June. However there is a different feel to it this year. Having lived in London, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam and the USA I’ve been lucky to see a few good summers and you get to sense when the weather is going to stay good.

Stick Around

Spells of weather, whether they are good or bad, tend to stick around for longer than the forecasts say. They are saying that we will have changeable weather for the next few days and then the hot weather will come back.

I’ve a feeling that they will be right.

I’ve a feeling that this s the long-awaited Barbecue Summer that Moville youngsters have only heard about.