We received this from Joe Barr, the writer of the song Hello Moville:-

Hi Gerry,

Just thought you may like to know that since your post on CraicOn last month, “Hello Moville” continues to be played world-wide. Between “Hello Moville” and the other “Inishowen Set” songs, I’ve had about 300 plays to date. The bulk of them have been from Ireland and the UK but I’ve also had loads from the USA and several from places as far afield as Norway, Sweden, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore and a download in Oman. Obviously, CraicOn is read the world over!

I’ve also had few nice plaudits from listeners – both online and in person. A SoundCloud user called “moville_red” commented “Excellent song. Love it.” in the “Hello Moville” comments section on my SoundCloud page. That’s the first comment anyone has ever left on any of my songs so I’m delighted with it.

Anyway, I booked my ferry this morning so Sandra and I will be over in time for the Greencastle Regatta and will stay through to the end of Dylanfest. I’m sure our paths will cross at some point and we can have a chat then.

Kind regards,

Joe Barr

If you want to hear the song click on Hello Moville