She topped the poll in the ST. Patrick’s Day episode only to be voted off the next week in a major shock. She played with James McDonald at Rosatos a few weeks ago to great acclaim from the audience and now the same duo are playing tonight in the Sean Ti.

Said one of the audience at Rosatos, Jim Fernand, “This girl is a real class act and that was one of the best performances I’ve seen in here”.

According to the RTE website “Roisin was born in New York, but now lives along the Irish coastline. “My dad is from Donegal and my mum comes from Mayo. They met in America, got married and then had me.””

The family now live in Burnfoot.

Said Gerry McLaughlin, who was in the audience at Rosatos “It was a great performance. She is a real class act and a real professional. She really connects with the audience”.