This morning, as on most Wednesday mornings I had tuned into Drive 105 for the Eileen Walsh show. Eileen showcases the Arts in the Northwest and beyond. Normally it will be a local writer, an actor, musician etc. But today it was an interview with a chair.

I did smile to myself when I realised it was the ‘Writers Chair’ from Little Acorns Bookstore at Bedlam, Derry. It’s owner, Jenni Doherty was also present in assisting with the chair interview. The chair has an interesting story but it’s one you must find out for yourself on visiting Little Acorns at Bedlam, Pump ST, Derry and talking with Jenni to get the full story.

The said chair has been signed by a host of authors to date and is becoming a focal point at many of the City of Culture gatherings; the most recent being at the recording of BBC’s The Verb at Christchurch where both Ian McMillan and Kevin Barry were fascinated with the chair and delighted to sign it.

Just last weekend Lady Terry Robinson was in town and popped to Little Acorns to put her signature on the chair. The chair does have a sister chair – the theatre chair. Again, a visit to Little Acorns is needed by all.

So Eileen Walsh, I can’t wait to see who or perhaps what, you interview next Wednesday morning. Perhaps we’ll get a pint before that and I may take my coffee table in!!

Beware next time you are out and about an arts event in Derry; you just might bump into a famous chair!