I was really delighted today to be given the opportunity to attend the final hour of a class which has been running at The Playhouse in Derry for the past 12 weeks. Ursula McHugh is a Cognitive Therapist and runs a Creative Path Course. This is an awakening of your Authentic Self through creativity. A series of highly enjoyable workshops that look at the creativity inherent in each of us which very often gets blocked and for many gets interrupted by the challenges of modern day living. Following a path to develop your creativity through a programme that inspires spontaneity, imagination and fun using Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way as a toolkit.
Today was the final day of the present class and Lady Terry Robinson (wife of Sir Ken Robinson) was in town from Los Angeles. She is here for a few days and came along to advise and talk to the women. Terry is author (Therese) of ‘India’s Summer’ and a very creative individual. Jenni Doherty, local author and bookshop owner was also at todays group, offering her professional advice. So I was very honoured to be allowed to sit in and witness the finality of this amazing culmination of work and see and hear the personal development of the ladies involved.
Ursula McHugh is an amazing person. She instills a sense of inner peace and personal energy just by being in her company. Terry Robinson (whom I met for the first time a year ago) is someone who loves life and its creative paths, is such a down to earth lady and makes everyone at ease around her. Jenni Doherty, another great lover of life and words, offered some great words of inspiration and motivation to the group. These three ladies were a treasure to be around today (as always).
But the group of ladies who were finishing their course with Ursula today, were genuinely heartwarming and truly inspirational this afternoon. Each lady had made a personal creative discovery during the past few months. They each shared their experiences openly among the group and Terry, Jenni and myself. They really deserve our admiration and praise. They have shown just what can be achieved when we allow our inner child to come out and have fun!
On completion of the day champagne and strawberries were distributed amongst us all. I simply sat back and watched each of the group hug and thank Ursula for her work with them, and thought to myself, ‘This is how Saturdays should be spent…sipping champagne, eating strawberries and mixing with amazingly talented ladies’. I salute you all!