Having spent some time this afternoon with a group of creatively talented ladies it was then off to Little Acorns bookstore at Bedlam for some word talking, book loving interaction with Lady Terry and the girlies!
Novelist Terry Robinson (aka Therese) read a section from her novel ‘India’s Summer’ and greeted the selection of people visiting and working in Bedlam.
Terry also had the great privilege of signing Little Acorns famous ‘authors’ chair alongside more than 40 other authors. Being in Derry on such a short visit Terry Robinson is managing to fit in a lot of activity during her stay. She is currently travelling with her husband Sir Ken Robinson on his book tour and they had engagements this weekend in the City of Culture. Terry very kindly took a lot of her time to spend with the ladies of the City and some of us from Donegal.
Little Acorns was a real hive of activity this evening as people browsed, shopped and listened to the readings. A perfect end to an otherwise very perfect day for a certain group of ladies!