The very first Diaspora Night will take place in the Sean Ti on Friday, July 12th. It’s the first one in Ireland and it is predicted that it will catch on and spread elsewhere. The practice on Tuesday of this week went very well. We wanted to know if it is technically feasible and we hooked up 5 different pairs of people talking on skype at the one time in the one place. It worked well.

Dress Rehearsal

The next step is a full-scale dress rehearsal which will take place in the Sean Ti this Tuesday. Then it’s the big night on July 12th.

Conor Gillespie and Ciaran Keogh are going to set up a webcam with several fixed position cameras and one roving camera which Ciaran will have. Conor will coordinate it all from his PC.

We will ask people who know people abroad to bring their mobile devices so that they can contact their friends abroad via skype. Those friends or family abroad will be introduced (if they want) and get requests played for them. they can be taken round to meet people.

If you want to come along to Ireland’s first ever Diaspora Night you will be very welcome. If you want to bring family and friends who are abroad along via cyberspace just bring your mobile device with you and let them know beforehand.

It will start at 9:30pm in the Sean Ti on Friday.

Irish Diaspora

Just in case you don’t know, the Irish Diaspora is comprised of all the people of Irish origin throughout the world. Those are the people that The Year of the Gathering was set up to attract back for a visit his year to help boost the economy.

With the Diaspora Nights even those who cannot make it back can join in via webcam and skype.