The Barn, aptly named after it’s proprietor Noel Barron, really is a new treasure trove in the village! I’d noticed it over the past week while driving by and it was only today that I found the time to venture in for a nosey. I was delighted with what I found. A selection of secondhand and antique furniture and a great selection of bric a brac. All exceptionally well priced too!

Noel has a variety of items all over the shop and it’s clear he’s still in the process of establishing the place, but it’s well worth popping along for a nose! I enjoyed the browse around and the banter with himself. I even got the privilege of seeing a few mirrors being restored out back. A great job indeed.

The Barn is right in the heart of the village so there’s no excuse for anyone to miss it whilst out walking, shopping etc. It’s very well worth a wee visit and you’ll be surprised just how many treasures he has in store. And I don’t doubt for a second that there’s many more to come. I’ll certainly be back!

The Barn is open 10.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.