Who says you have to ‘dine out’ to enjoy a good meal? Normally me! Having a devout hatred of cooking it’s always a pleasure to go out to dine and enjoy quality cuisine so I do it a little too often…or maybe not!

Tonight I was invited to a friends house to ‘dine in’ so it was really ‘dining out’ for me as it wasn’t at home. So off I ventured to God’s country in Quigleys Point! The dining experience was to consist of quality veg from the garden and fruit from the same garden for dessert. Phew, what a meal. The only thing not home grown was the chicken and the cream on the dessert!

Then to go out and inspect where the fruit and veg had come from was yet another quality experience. The garden is a hive of healthy eating and the summer house simply houses the widest variety of fruit I’ve seen in a while. Sitting on the padded seat (which is also hidden storage) and looking out of the half door of the summer house to a view that many would die for just was the icing on the cake.

A wee hidden treasure trove in the hills of Quigleys Point. Maybe next time the wine will even be home made…there’s ample room for a small vineyard so I must make the suggestion!!

So dining in is the new dining out. Muff Ladies you must come to God’s country one evening and we’ll have one heck of a story to tell afterwards!!