If you have an iPad or a tablet device come along to the Sean Ti tonight and help out on the big test. It’s a full-scale practice for the first ever Diaspora Night in the Sean Ti on Friday July 12th.

Conor Gillespie and Ciaran Keogh are running the test. Ciaran will be setting up webcams and Conor will run the webcam system from his PC.

They need to test how many people can be on Skype at the same time using the one WiFi. They don’t want the big night to be ruined by Skype not being able to handle multiple calls.

We already know that only 2 or 3 can be on Skype at the same time using the Video link. However, Conor reckons that far more can use Skype at the same time if everyone uses just the audio skype link.

We don’t know that for definite so they’re asking as many people to come along as possible and bring their mobile devices with them. If they’re not on Skype already Conor can set them up with it.

Big Night

On the big night, we hope that a lot of friends and family will tune in via the webcam to the entertainment in the Sean Ti. They will be able to see the pictures from maybe 4 cameras in the Sean Ti.

They will be able to communicate with family and friends via the iPads which their family or friends bring along via skype.

So, they could be sitting in their apartments or houses in Australia or America with a few friends having a few tinnies while watching the entertainment in the Sean Ti. They can get a request played and maybe say a few words to people if they want. They can be taken round the place via the mobile devices to say hello to people.

Short Chat Breaks

As you know, when there’s music on it is sometimes difficult to hear even the person standing next to you so it might be difficult to talk to family and friends while the music is playing. Therefore there will be longer gaps between songs, maybe a minute or two so that people can chat remotely.

However, Conor needs to test it first so that he knows for a fact that ten or more people can communicate via audio skype without the performance being affected. So, come along tonight and help out.

It should be an interesting evening. It will start sometime between 8:30pm and 9pm.

It’s the very first of its kind, as far as we know, in Ireland – or anywhere as far as we know. Be in right at the start.