The AIB, which has been in Moville for so long, closes its doors a few weeks ago, never to re-open. Some people were moved over to internet banking. Others moved their accounts to the Ulster Bank. Not many, it is thought, moved their accounts to the Bank of Ireland – which doesn’t let customers take money out two days a week.

Now it may end up the only bank in town.

Major Cuts

RBS has just announced that it is going to make major cuts to its subsidiary Ulster Bank. They have announced that they are going to get rid of one-third of all the Ulster Bank staff.

THey are going to close one-in-seven branches. People in Moville will be fearing that a branch in a small town like this may lose its Ulster Bank branch.

One only hopes that the new customers that it got from AIB may keep it open – but Moville people won’t be holding their breath. If anyone is moving their account from AIB to Ulster Bank they should let them know that this is dependent on them staying in Moville.

Moville already has no hotels left in the town. Surely they won’t lose another bank.