I’ve suggested that Moville’s main square should be closed off to traffic and turned into a Piazza, where people can sit outside restaurants, cafes and pubs and while away the day. It could be seen from the main road and people would be tempted to stop and eat. News would travel fast and more people would start coming here for a day trip or longer.

There’s not that many restaurants and cafes in the square but that would change if permission was given for the Piazza. Car parking would be lost but let me ask this question….Is what should be Moville’s prime piece of land be better used as a car park or as a Piazza?

Car Parking

Of course, those in the square might complain about losing their car parking space but there would be the bonus for them that the price of their properties would soar and they would get demand from restaurateurs to rent or buy part or all of their properties.

If the Piazza was successful, as I think it will be (and it is a success any other place it is used), we would certainly need more car parking space.


If it would be a good idea for Moville to do that it would make even more sense for Carndonagh to do it. There is no need for the traffic to go through the Diamond as there are other routes to everywhere. The Diamond is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and pubs and it would be a perfect place to creat a Piazza.

It needn’t be for the whole year round but maybe just for July and August to start with. If anyone thinks that this is a good idea then let me know.