Whilst holidaying in Gaeilge speaking Gaoth Dobhair last weekend I was advised to pay a visit to a certain Teac Jacks! So on the Saturday afternoon after a delicious lunch at An Chuirt hotel, off I ventured to the scenic area that is home to Teac Jacks.

Just a plain yellow building on the outside but with a view to kill over the Atlantic Ocean and idyllic countryside. Situated on one of the most beautiful and wildest parts of North West Ireland one couldn’t but fall in love with it. On entering the building (a hotel cum bar cum restaurant cum music venue) I was certainly impressed with the character of the interior.

A variety of people were inside. Some locals having a quiet pint at the bar, young people holidaying and a number of families eating! So two pints of guinness were ordered and they were good ones! Hmm just the memory awakens my taste buds! Then a rather strange couple entered the bar! A casually dressed middle aged man and a pyjama clad woman (middle aged also!) by his side. Mind you she managed to lose five layers on top before the pyjama top appeared….but the pink/black bottoms were visible from the onset!! A sight for tired eyes on a regular Saturday afternoon I assure you! After lunch and coffee they left via the front door!!

So you just never know who or what you’re going to see when you visit a new spot. A bit of light entertainment for easily amused Inishowen visitors on this particular afternoon!

On a more serious note, we really must start to appreciate that we live in one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland and possibly one of the most scenic parts of the world!