Volunteers are required to help with the smooth running of the forthcoming Muff Festival. The festival is due to commence this year on Friday August 2nd through to Monday August 5th. A great weekend is in store for locals, visitors, passers by and everyone else who comes along!

To ensure the success of the weekend a number of volunteers would be greatly appreciated. If even 20 people can commit to one hour each over the weekend it will be more than adequate.

Why not help the community by donating just one hour of your time. To be part of this years ‘Homecoming’ Festival send a private message via the Muff festival facebook page or call into the Resource Centre during the week! Your time will be much appreciated.

No doubt I’ll be finding myself making teas, coffees and buttering scones throughout the weekend as always!! That way I’ll earn the guinness at the end of each day!!

Muff Festival 2013 August 2nd – Monday August 5th, the place to be this summer!