The 3.20am alarm was not music to mine ears a few short hours ago, but jump I did! The bed was asking me to return but I fought the urge and ventured (half awake) to Burt arriving  at Grianan Fort just before 4am. The crowds were already arriving. The bus lift up to the fort was most welcomed. Fortunately Jenni and Ursula had the coffee so our caffeine kick was at the ready.

On arrival inside the fort it was a delight to see so many Muff faces among the hundreds present. The village certainly was up with the larks today.

Inishowen Gateway choir sang as dawn approached and Mark Patterson went live on air. There was a real festival atmosphere around us. Even when we ladies (feeling more like naughty schoolgirls) were asked to descend off the walls for health and safety reasons (we missed the sign saying ‘not allowed on walls) our spirits weren’t dampened! The coffee flowed, the singing inspired and the sunrise came up.

What an amazing spectacle shortly after 5am. Clouded skies couldn’t keep it from beaming. As crowds flocked onto the walls for the view it was spectacular. People of all ages coming together to witness one of natures most beautiful sights.

As we five walked down from the fort en route to the cars Martin McGuinness decided to accompany us. Even himself was up at 3am he told us. Having been at a late meeting in Magee it was midnight when he got to bed. McGuinness is off to meet and greet Cameron, Clegg and Kenny later today. How inspired he must be after spending dawn in such company as ourselves!!

During this, the year of The Gathering, Grianan Fort had its’ own special gathering this morning, and Muff played a rather special part.

Now surely it’s time for lunch!