Shawn Barron originally from Muff, now based in Culmore, and his sons Dean and Glen, along with Paul Taylor from Muff and Martin Mc Cole from Drung, attended the 5th WUKF World Karate Championships in Bucharest from the 6th – 9th of June.

Shawn is a 5th dan black belt and is head coach with Ulster Karate Federation. This organisation is made up of 3 karate clubs. Culmore Karate Club with Shawn as instructor, Aileach Karate Club, with Denis Donaghey 4th dan as instructor and Quigleys Point with Paul Taylor 2nd dan and Martin mc Cole 2nd dan as instructors. Shawn, Paul and Martin make up the senior Kata team.

Kata incorporates a series of movements designed to perfect form, agility, stamina, power and speed. They have worked extremely hard at getting all katas precise with each movement being made at exact time. One person out will lose points.

Their dream came true on Friday last when they were placed 1st. This was a great start to a very successful weekend. Shawn came 2nd in both individual Kata and Kumite (fighting). Martin got bronze in individual Kata and they got bronze in Veteran Kumite team. Dean and Glen were not so lucky in individual kumite. Dean was put out by Brazilian competitor who went on to win the category and Glen was put out by another Brazilian opponent who went on to win bronze. However the next day at team events they gained 3rd place beating very strong Italian karateka.

Happy boys coming home with 1 x gold. 2 x silver and 3 x bronze World Medals. A very successful and enjoyable weekend was had by all!