This is the Year of the Gathering when they are trying to attract Ireland’s diaspora, i.e. those of Irish origin worldwide, back here. It is the big idea to help kickstart the economy and they hope it will have a legacy effect for future years.

So, maybe we can throw in an idea that would be suitable for the Year of The Gathering using new technology. Many youngsters have left Moville & Greencastle in recent years in order to get work. It’s a lot easier to keep in touch nowadays, especially with Facebook and Skype.

I remember talking to my daughter, who is in Budapest, on Skype. She asked what programme was on TV and as she hadn’t seen that episode of her favourite programme she asked to be put up close to the TV. SO she watched the TV in our front room whilst in Budapest.

I even had to nip out and left her looking after my son.


So, this gave me an idea. Did she want to come out to the pubs with me but on cyberspace? Debbie & Geraldine, who were in her class in school, were playing in Rosatos. I could bring along my son’s tablet and Skype her there. They could say hello to her and maybe play a song for her.

She could even bring some of her university friends along to her apartment in Budapest and have a few drinks. She couldn’t make it at short notice as she had already arranged to go out with her friends.

Diaspora Night

However, it showed that it was possible. So, why not have a Diaspora Night in one of the local pubs? People who have sons or daughters, or friends or girlfriends or boyfriends abroad could bring their tablets to the pub and Skype their friends abroad when there.

It would be best if it was a music night. Whoever was playing could announce “We have X and his friends watching from Germany (or the US or Australia). Everybody say hello to him. He’s with friends Y and Z. We’re going to play a song that he has requested”.

It doesn’t have to be just one person. All those who know people abroad can bring their tablets along (or use the pub PC) and have their friends or family abroad interact with what is happening in the pub. They could even be taken round to meet a few people.

General Release

I did tell one pub, who thought it was a good idea, but they haven’t acted on it so I thought I would put it out to general release for any pub (or restaurant) that wants to do it.

When people are away from home they like to be able to see what is going on (or read it on CraicOn or Facebook) and would love even better to be a part of it. They might not physically be in Rosatos or the Sean Ti but they would be able to enjoy the music and the craic along with their family and friends.

It would be good if a big screen was able to be used but it would still be effective if people just brought in their tablets.

Economy Boost

What about it then, pubs? It would be a good way of getting people out spending money again and give a boost to the local economy. it doesn’t even need to be people who have just left Moville but people whose parents are from Moville or even grandparents or even those who just come here regularly on holiday and ..have friends here.

It would be very interesting for a pub to try it to see if it would work. There have been a lot of leaving parties in pubs for people going abroad. However, for each leaving party the pubs have one less customer. Now they can tap that resource even though it is now abroad and use it to bring them back in cyberspace and their friends in Moville.

On can imagine Diaspora Night in Rosatos when Debbie & Geraldine are playing or maybe even at a trad seisun in Rawdons or the Sean Ti. Someone who is abroad on their birthday doesn’t have to have it alone in a strange country but could have it amongst friends and family in Moville or Greencastle.

What about it then, pubs? I’m sure it would be able to get good publicity beforehand.