Last year I published it on CraicOn and gave the idea to Martin Farren and asked him to pass it on to the Foyle Ferry. I don’t know whether he did or not and whether the recent booklet from the Ferry is just coincidence or not.

Last year, when there were doubts about the ferry I asked a few local businessmen if they would be willing to give a 10% to 15% price cut to anyone who could produce a ticket from the Lough Foyle Ferry. They said they would.


I didn’t think any more about it till I was in Rosatos the other night and someone said “I see one of your ideas has come to pass anyway”. I asked what it was and was shown the new booklet from the Foyle ferry which shows discounts of 10% to 20% at local restaurants, cafes, and chip shops etc. for people who use the ferry. I would presume that they have to produce a ticket or a voucher they get with the ticket.

With the other ideas I’ve set out recently I wouldn’t hold out much hope for them being taken up. However, one or two may get taken up a year or two down the line once it becomes someone else’s idea.

As I say I don’t know if my idea was passed over to the ferry company, or whether they thought of it themselves or whether the idea got out via CraicOn and was suggested by someone else.

It doesn’t matter much as long as it happened as it has. I would guess that this would provide a boost to the numbers of people coming across the ferry and for local businesses who are giving a discount.


They reckon that every Euro that comes into a local economy circulates an average of six times so six different businesses will benefit from this new money coming in. For instance, Rosatos could spend the extra money on a local tradesman who could spend it at a local shop whose owner could spend it at the barbers or hairdressers who could spend it in a pub or restaurant etc. etc. etc.

The more of these ideas that get implemented the better. If you have any good ideas, let me know at [email protected] and I’ll publish them if I think they are any good.