Stage Beyond is a theatre company for young adults with learning disabilities. The company is made up of members from throughout the North West who already have shown a keen interest in drama. These actors research, devise and tour shows as well as providing accompanying workshops. Based in the Millennium Forum, the company offers the opportunity to explore issues significant to the learning disabled community and present these as theatre pieces and open workshops to the general community.

Tonight was their final performance of their current show, ‘The Crazy World of Walter‘ in the Millenium Forum’s Studio theatre. This is a collaboration with Big Telly Theatre Company and Echo Echo Dance Company. ‘Walter’s Story’ is a devised piece of stage containing everything from Banana Man to Jedward!

From beginning to end it was entertaining and very impressive. The cast showed the clear influence of Echo Echo Dance Company’s input. The coordination and dance was excellent. Meghan McLaughlin, and all her co stars were superb in their performance.

Stage Beyond will once again be taking to the streets of Derry with their ‘Shakespeare Trail’  during July and August. Building on their work earlier in the year, they will perform in several areas in the city throughout these months. If you are around any of these areas you just might find yourself under the spell of three witches, or in the middle of a love scene between Romeo and Juliet!