Every now and again, approximately every 6 weeks, a group of ladies (yes ladies) from Muff venture into Derry for a wee night. A meal and a few (only a few) drinks be had. A little banter and a lot of craic does follow.

Last night was NO exception. It’s a time to bond, to counsel, and to heal. So after a few wine the craic got up last night as usual. The stories poured and the laughter prevailed as always.

The Fur Coat:

It came to light that a certain fur coat has many a story to tell. At a wedding recently the elaborate candles in the chapel somehow managed to attack the said fur coat and it caught fire. On trying to extinguish the fire a lot of the fur escaped to the outfits of the wedding guests! I guess a lot of cellotape was called for!


On a holiday to Croatia a certain two ladies managed to allow the head to fall off the statue of Our Lady (whilst waiting to have it blessed) and somehow got it stuck back on again before giving it as a gift. One wonders if that head is still intact!!!

On that same holiday a certain Muff lady hurt her ankle and a bottle of vodka was poured over it, mistakenly for water…what a waste of the good vodka. And the said person still ended up in hospital. So much for alcohol being medicinal…it didn’t work in this case!

Unknown Identity:

And Craicon Muff didn’t escape the escapades of last night. Whilst sitting enjoying the night with the ladies a young girl was waving to me across the restaurant. I politely waved back not knowing who I was waving to. Later I realised it was my lovely little cousin. No, wine had nothing to do with the misunderstanding. It was her lovely ‘hair do’ and I simply didn’t recognise her. It was a compliment when she invited myself and friends to accompany her and friends  to Earth nightclub…Politely we declined as we had all forgotten to take ID with us!!

Our Lady cyclist:

How can we forget the hub of our company who was unable to accompany us last night due to her cycling commitments in Cork? The lovely lady is making the 3 day cycle beginning tomorrow from Cork to the Foyle Hospice. How could she choose that over a night with us I’ll never know? If only she knew that the next night out is on her!! Taxis included!

Healthy Eating:

All five of us ladies talked about healthy eating but when the dessert menu came around it was impossible to refuse so a credit crunch and a baked Alaska with 5 spoons was ordered. Needless to say the plates were cleaned. We’ll count those calories over the weekend!


So if you’re looking for a good night’s craic and some genuine therapy you really need to come along for a night with the Muff ladies! It never fails to deliver and always leaves us with a memorable night! Here’s to the next one folks! J