Having posted a number of articles recently relating to a certain couple of Muff men having a ‘secret pint’ it is now time to reveal that a ‘select two’ Muff wives are currently en route to the Fair City to have a few ‘secret wine’! The said two are headed for the Aviva stadium awaiting Olly Murs and the legendary Robbie Williams.

They are hoping to encourage Robbie to eat more red meat and Olly to have his heating checked! And there’s no doubt that these two ladies will succeed in their mission!

Having had many a barbeque over recent weeks (and neither invited ME) and much practice at their singing, I really do believe that they think the Aviva will rock to them tonight. I do NOT doubt that the stadium will indeed rock but it won’t be to the music of the Muff gals. Robbie will bring the house down and Olly will certainly assist.

So if you are out and about the FairCity tonight do be polite to the Muff Ladies and just agree with their promotion of red meat and plumbing!

The Butchers wife really does believe she’s one of Robbie’s ‘Angels’ and the Plumbers wife may try to ‘Entertain you’….don’t believe either for a second! They really are both ‘Troublemakers’ and are ‘An Army of Two’….

No doubt wine will prevail over the next 24+ hours and the Muff gals will think they are the bee’s knees….ha! Robbie and Olly BEWARE….:)