Videos made by Raven for the BeatlesFest on the Lough and Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough were shown on the The Gathering TV channel today. It was presented by RTE.

It showed Tony Bramwell being interviewed outside Rosatos and Paddy playing, with friends, in Rawdons. It showed Cokey Joe, playing to the youngsters of the town at the Circle by the White Wall in Bath Green.

It also showed many of the people of the town too.

It goes out worldwide and was great publicity for the festivals. It will now be on YouTube too. Moville looked great on it and it will help to publicise the town.

Well done Raven!


I heard about the Gathering TV and got in touch with them. There was no reply for ages when suddenly they got in touch and asked if I could supply the original version and not the versions on YouTube.

I could and Raven brought them to them in Dublin after fixing them up into the right format.

It’s all shaping up to be a great DylanFest and BeatlesFest this year. Both Festivals are on The Gathering Calendar of Events and the Derry 2013 City of Culture Programme of Events.

We will be asking people to wear Sixties Gear and for the girls to wear Sixties make-up.

The DylanFest is from Aug 22nd to 25th and from Aug 29th to Sep 1st. There will be a Sixties Festival from Aug 22nd to Sep 1st. If you missed the Sixties don’t miss this.