The Maiden City Criterium took place last night in Derry. Speeds and adrenaline were tested in a fast and intense road race as top riders from across the province and beyond battled it out on the steep Shipquay Street and the narrow streets of the historic Walled City. As the rain prevailed the course was not only intense but extremely wet. Conditions were scary for the spectators and must have been exceptionally tough for the cyclists.

It was great to see two Muff cyclists starting this race. Young Ronan McLaughlin (now cycling with Ireland) and Matthew Doyle (currently based in Belgium) gave their all last night. Matthew Doyle led the race for a good part and was just pipped at the finish line.

A great race by all involved and well done to both Muff lads for coming home to participate in this City of Culture race. Best of luck to both of you in the forthcoming World Championships and the Irish team.