Wasn’t it a glorious spell of weather over the last week or so? If we got weather like that for most of the summer this really would be a top resort. However, people here always worry that when they get a good spell of weather that they will be punished for it later.

And it looks like they are right. The next sunny days, according to the forecast, will be on June 24th. With rain virtually every day till then and then several days of cloudy weather after that you can bet that that sunny day will disappear from the forecast long before then.

You always get a good spell here in May or June and then again in September. July and August are the overcast months with lots of rain too – although often comfortable enough in terms of temperature. The last good July / August was a generation ago nearly in 1995. So, there hasn’t been a good couple of summer months in this millennium.

The under-20s would not remember one. Wet Julys and August would be the norm for them. However, hope springs eternal and we can always hope that this will be the year.