It seems that two marathon runners were in the local last night and comparing their personal times last Sunday. One outdid the other by approximately 20 minutes. But the latter pointed out that he is 20 years older so he reckons his time was the better for it! Boys will be boys!

Do people really eat rubbish late at night? Apparently yes! Someone noted last night in the local that certain people were not only taking home late drinks but snacks too. Maybe they’re planning on having a lie in and breakfast at the ready. Or maybe the cook isn’t so good!

And then to top it all a gentleman was telling the story about putting the wrong money and telephone number on a football lotto envelope whilst holidaying in West Donegal! Where else would you hear it, but The Squealing Pig!

I then heard that my husband owes a local man a pint of guinness. And his debt has been building up over a number of years. Well his debts are his!! And from personal experience the said man will be waiting on his pint for some years to come!

Not only is one’s local pub somewhere to get a drink and have a chat, it’s a real hive of storytelling and banter. It’s somewhere for friends to frequent and have a laugh. It’s a place to observe and enjoy. It’s simply great to have a good old chin wag! Keep it up folks!