Last night saw the celebrations for the Return of Colmcille weekend in Derry get underway. As City of Culture 2013 Derry is host to a variety of cultural events throughout the year and this weekend is no exception!

Muff is also an exciting place to be at the present time and last night it was hosting a sponsored walk, quiz and The Yetis were playing the Rock Bar. But as a cultural fan, I made the decision to venture into Derry. A decision well worth every moment of contemplation.

The crowds had gathered along the quay from early evening. Entertainment was provided along the walkway and the mood was one of excitement and anticipation. The Colmcille curragh came into view and the large barge with the wooden box was behind. As they approached the quay to tremendous applause, the city of Derry came alive.

A procession followed into Guildhall Square and culminated with the wooden box and it’s guard of monks being set in place. The mysterious box will be opened later today around 2pm. A spectacle not to be missed.

Today sees story telling around the city centre about the great Saint and the day will begin to come to a close at 9pm with the peoples Procession and the final Showdown on The Foyle at 10.30pm! A day and night of colour and memories is in store.

City of Culture 2013 is known today as Comville. It will continue to be Legenderry for many years to come…..