Best Workers

I’ve been a customer at many banks in many countries. I would have to say that the people who work there were as helpful as any bank I’ve ever been to. It’s a shame that they have to be punished for the sins of those at head office. It seems that they are all keeping their jobs and those of you who go to the Carndonagh office will see some of them there.

It’s just a shame that the Moville branch has had to shut after being there so long. It seems quite a few people are changing to the Ulster bank. Not many are changing to the Bank of Ireland who have the ridiculous rule that you can’t put money in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and can’t take money out on those days I’m told.

They also won’t take coins unless they are for the right amount in those little bags. They missed a big opportunity to get extra customers when AIB closed – but they deserved to miss that opportunity. They’ve forgotten that they exist for the benefit of the customers. Profit is a by-product of good service.


THe banks all made a huge mistake when they transferred the decision-making as regards loans away from the branch manager, who knew the people looking for loans, to head office where smart young graduates with fancy computer software (but who didn’t know the people applying), took the decisions.

I remember asking for my overdraft limit to be lifted and the bank manager seemed very positive. I was very surprised when I got a letter saying it had been turned down. That was just around the start of the credit crunch. They had made the bank manager just someone who helps to fill in the form.

Better Service

There’s a new Scandinavian bank which is going great guns in the UK called Handelsbank. It already has 150 branches. It has pushed the decision-making as regards loans back to the local bank manager. Customers are flocking in.

If it wasn’t for the greed, and frankly, the stupidity, of those at head office the Moville branch of the AIB would still be open – and all the wonderful people who work there still in place. It’s a bad day for Moville that the AIB has closed.

The people who worked there engendered a wonderful relationship with local people and local customers. The idiots at head office screwed that all up in their lust for profit and bonuses. It’s the people at Moville’s branch, both staff and customers, who have lost out.

Thanks for all the great service, girls, and good luck for the future.