He finished runner up in the recent Songwriter Contest in Moville & Greencastle. In fact he had two songs in 2nd place. They both got 33 points out of 40 from the four judges – just one behind Matt Whorsikey and Maria Bonner’s song.

He also plays every Saturday night in the Castle Bar in Derry. I was there the other day and a customer told me it is always jammed when Jack is playing.

Now, he has been booked to play his first ever full gig in Moville in Rosatos on Friday night. He is a genuine first class act.

At our Songwriter Contest, Derry acts took the first 4 slots – above not only some good local acts but acts from Dublin and from the USA – and Jack Craig was up there with Matt Whoriskey.

It wasn’t only local judges that liked his songs but Tony Bramwell, the Beatles road manager and talent scout liked him too. It should be a good night.

Saturday night should be very interesting too with that great act Debbie & Geraldine being joined by Jame McDonald after his split with Niamh.