A certain local gentleman  was attempting a song late last night in a local establishment! He was assisted on harmony by three lovely ladies which helped I guess! I really don’t know if he should continue with his dream of auditioning for the X Factor later this year. Someone should tell him soon. Maybe he’ll read this!

Having a wife who could manage him and a daughter to teach him the music, the said chap could well go forward if it wasn’t for the poor quality of that singing voice. Such a shame. Having so many talents and yet lacking this particular one. A man who cycles the roads of Inishowen, has sneaky pints on a regular basis, fixes a variety of pipes and such, the list of talents really is endless….but just not the singing one!

So I guess it’s the end of the road for Peter and the singing career. Yes this is your honest feedback from last night. Just don’t go giving up that day job quite yet. And easy up on those sneaky pints!!