Last night saw the annual John Lynch Perpetual Shield Cycle take place. This was the 20th anniversary of the event. Approximately 100 cyclists made the trip to Moville and back.

However, apparently a select few of the local characters and an old face from the past happened to stay a little longer than required during the break for refreshments in Rawdons, Moville! Hmm. One doesn’t need to think too hard as to who these characters might be (check out the craic on Muff FB page and see pics!) No surprises at all! A butcher, a plumber, a French man and a ‘cool’ dude!

Rawdons had a number of cyclists depart Moville at 7.15pm also headed for Muff and back again. The Squealing Pig in Muff had refreshments for the Moville cyclists as Rawdons did same for the Muff gang. But these few sat a little longer.

Not only did they rest the wee bums but they managed to refuel the body with pints from the bar. Water may well have been the better option, but oh no, not for these guys!

A great evening and night was had and much money has once again been raised for the Foyle and Donegal Hospices. Eugene and Golly G gave a fun night’s entertainment well into the night. A wee surprise 60th, oops 50th was also celebrated on the night.