Last night whilst at The Philip Lafferty Memorial Shield I witnessed what was initially believed to be a phantom wake! Crazy as it may sound it really did scare myself and my wee cousin Ciara!

At half time in the game the supporters all went into the Redcastle FC clubhouse for a cup of tea (which was most appreciated and very welcomed). As we (Ciara and I) came out of the kitchen we noticed another room adjacent and saw that a few of the older family members were sitting in a row. So we decided to go and say ‘hello’. As we entered the room everyone was rather silent and we noticed a raised table with a red cloth covering….it really looked like a coffin! We both looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same thing. On entering the room further we discovered that it was just a table with the trophies for the game covered in the red cloth. We did laugh.

The family asked why we were laughing and they agreed that the scene looked rather sinister. It opened up a rather interesting conversation.

Check out the craic on Muff facebook page photos and see for yourselves!!!

A phantom wake it certainly was NOT but it did give us a laugh all night. No doubt Philip was laughing down on us!!!