The Pitch and Putt course at Cooley in Moville is now open. It has taken them quite a while this year to get it in condition because of the late spring, which held the grass back, but it is now all ready to go.

Normally they would have been open several weeks ago. Usually the schoolkids go up there to play during the day but they missed that opportunity this year as, except for those doing Junior and Leaving Cert exams, the rest are on holiday.

It’s a great view up there over the Foyle. It’s great on a nice day. Hopefully we will have a few more of them this summer.

By the way the course record is 53 for 18 Par-3 holes. I managed a 54 and 55 last year. It’s usually easier to get a good score earlier in the season rather than later when it quickens up.

There’s often someone up there to give you your balls and clubs but if not you can phone 93 82054 or a mobile number of 086 8115958 and they will come and sort you out.

It’s a lot of fun.