There’s a lot of musical talent in Derry. There’s some great acts about and some great up-and-coming talent. At the recent final of the Songwriter Contest run by the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy, Derry acts took the first 4 places.

In first place was Matt Whoriskey and Maria Bonner, both from Derry but who now operate out of Manchester. Matt and hos band are making big inroads in Manchester. Maria plays a fine tune on here violin made in 1647, given to her by an old guy who heard her play.

Mark met up again with Jack Craig, who lived just 2 doors away from him in Derry for 20 years. It was neck and neck between Matt and Jack all night with Matt’s song just shading it from two of Jack Craig’s songs.


In 3rd place was that great young Derry band Deadpool. They play high-octane music and put you in mind of Nirvana. People either love them or hate them and I certainly loved them. Two of the judges loved them and gave them straight 10s but two others didn’t and gave them a 5 and a 6 – which was still good enough for third place.

In 4th place was Paul Herron also from Derry. He had some great songs and in a less crowded and noisy pub he might have even won.

There’s some great talent about in Derry and we were privileged to hear some of it in Rosatos that night.