Whilst in the local last Saturday night after OBW I overheard a couple of men in my company talking about the forthcoming cycle this Friday night. They were discussing whether or not to wear their lycra gear. One of the other ladies picked up on the conversation and told them, ‘I like a man in lycra provided he has a six-pack! There’s nothing worse than a man in lycra with a beer belly’ she said. The lads began holding in the bellies needless to say!

So, should a man wear lycra if he doesn’t have that six-pack? Surely in the field of cycling, even if only for a charity cycle, one really should wear the proper attire. And the lycra is padded and helps prevent sores, so shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. But maybe, if that beer belly is on the larger side, they might just put on a pair of ordinary shorts over that lycra!

It will be a fun and interesting night this coming Friday when a certain group of ladies decide to go checking out the men in lycra. Craicon will be sure to have the camera in tow! So lycra clad men, beware!