Last week I posted a little piece on here about 6 month old Rosie being sent to ‘manners’ classes. Now the little rascal is driving her guardians car. I kid you not!

One evening last week whilst driving along the Strand Road in Derry I noticed my friends car coming in the opposite direction. I was stopped at the traffic lights beside Sainsburys and was looking to my right to give a wave. Next thing I see is Rosie in the drivers seat and her head out the window! Flying down the Strand Road. Not a bother to her. No doubt she wasn’t alone in that seat but from where I was sitting she could well have been.

On parking my car I text the said friend and sure enough someone else was driving her car and Rosie assisting! What will this little pup be up to next I just don’t know. But I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on the jet planes flying overhead from now on!!