With all the talk about BBC Radio I’s Big Weekend in Derry, a local musician (and character) Golly G pointed out to me yesterday that he and his co musician would be hosting the Muff Radio Big Weekend at The Squealing Pig last night. So one couldn’t but go see!

Golly and Mickey did indeed put on a show and although BBC Radio I’s Big Weekend was being screened live on the television, the lads in the bar maintained the attention of their audience. Mind you one did feel compelled to look every now and again while Calvin Harris and the spectacular light show was underway!

So Muff Radio Big Weekend was indeed a success. They may not have had the crew that are in Ebrington but they did manage to pass their equipment out the window of the ‘wee bar’!!

So with the local Big Weekend over, it’s time for craicon to go see what all the fuss is about….to OBW I doth go…