Whilst visiting a friend of mine for coffee yesterday I had the great honour of also spending time with young Rosie! Rosie, or rather, Rosalita (named after the Bruce Springsteen song) is just 6 months old yet she is jumping and rolling around non stop. Rosie could very easily have been ‘Born in the USA’ or even ‘Dancing in the Dark’ as her guardian is such an avid Springsteen fan!

At such a young age, Rosie is very active and apparently does not do as she’s told! So her legal guardian decided to enroll her in a ‘manners class’. Yes, at just 6 months old, my friend was taking little Rosie to her first class last night. When my friend is going to bed, Rosie refuses to go to her own bed, and if the car door is opened at all, in she jumps and refuses to come out. I did experience the latter myself on leaving….but I wasn’t taking this little one anywhere! The little lady is a real handful and I’ve had my share of sleepless nights!

So what will be next? Where will we end political correctness? Should a 6 month old really be engaging in a class to learn manners?

Well, I guess if you’re a cheeky young ‘pup’ like the delightful Rosie, a ginger Jack Russell, it may just be ok! Good luck Rosie with your lessons and Barbara Woodhouse would be very proud of my friend!