Just another normal Saturday night in the Pig! No! There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ Saturday night in the Pig. Each one is different. And tonight was NO exception!

Next door in the lounge the music plays out and tis normally of the Country beat. Which is what the  customers expect. And what they always get!

But tonight in the ‘wee bar’ as Golly, Vincie, and Thomas arrived (rather late), a rap got underway. A combination of ‘You’ll never walk alone/Goodbye Alex/Craicon Muff and Moville and  Oh when the Swifts, a contemporary RAP was in full song. The entire bar gets involved in the sing song and a new rap is invented! The Liverpool anthem is in its prime but the sidekicks get a note too. Golly instills in the staff and late custom a love of modern song. All geared up now for the Radio 1 Big Weekend coming very very soon!

So all leave the village tonight with rap and a genuine smile on their faces. Who would ever believe that ‘rap’ is alive and well in the village of Muff. And all thanks to the legend that is ‘Golly G’. ‘Oh when the swifts…oh when the swifts……………’