First Communion Day in Moville almost always used to get good weather. Most of the pictures that I have of my son on his First Communion Day show him with his eyes nearly closed because it was so sunny and bright that day.

It looked, according the forecast, as if it was going to be good as there was a good spell coming. We had a great day yesterday and Sunday and Monday are to be good but unfortunately we got a wet Saturday in the middle.

It spoiled it a bit as people usually like to hang around outside the church and chat to the first communicants and their families. It’s a great annual social occasion.

Great Service

However, it was a great service. What really impressed me was the music for the ceremony. The style of the songs (or hymns) seemed very Beatlesque with more than a hint of Dylan too. Perhaps I could get the choir for those festivals in the summer.

I went up to the choir as I like to see the people who are singing and playing (and because there were no seats left downstairs). James McDonald played the guitar for the choir, so he’s still found plenty to do after his split with Niamh.

I wasn’t sure who the choirmistress (if they still call them that) was but she played the whistle or flute adding a Jethro Tull flavour to the Beatlesque and Dylanesque hymns. Perhaps she’s one of the teachers.

Stayed Longer

I was planning to leave after the communion and just wait outside but I stayed longer to hear the music. I remember my old music teacher in school, who was a Protestant, saying hat the Catholic Church had all the best tunes, many of them by classical composers. It looks as if this tradition has carried on into the present.

After several of the songs, I almost forgot that I was in church and not in Rosatos and very nearly started clapping. I don’t see why you can’t clap a good song in church. The communicants got a round of applause after all.

It was a thoroughly nice occasion and now I’m headed up to my nephew’s house for the apres first communion party.

Shame about the damned rain!