A big cruise liner, Quest for Adventure, was anchored off Greencastle today. THis is something that seems to be growing. At the moment the ships take their passengers ashore and then take them elsewhere in the surrounding area. However, I would think at some point in the future that someone could get them to visit somewhere near here.

This could be something that helps regenerate the area.

One many who sees a problem is Enda Craig from the local Carnagarve Group. He says “The cruise ship, Quest For Adventure, at anchor in the Foyle Estuary at Carnagarve beach fifty metres from the proposed sewage discharge point of the proposed Moville Greencastle Waste Water Treatment Plant.

It is difficult to comprehend that should this plant go ahead these visitors to our shores will be met in the first instance by the unholy sight and smell of this offensive discharge in the immediate vicinity of their ship”.


He reckons that this beauty spot, which is vastly underdeveloped, would be spoiled by treated (and sometimes untreated) effluent being dumped in the lough at Carnagarve.

He says “This proposal and its location is hardly a suitable welcome and surely flies in the face of all attempts by local people attempting to attract additional footfall to this beautiful part of the Inishowen Peninsula. First impressions are all important.

It is surely high time our elected representatives made a determined stand and called for protection for this areas most valuable and beautiful asset.”