Thanks to Scotch Gerry this site is literally flying. The craic in Moville and Muff is getting noticed not only at home but abroad. Gerry started the site back in 2006 and developed a huge following. He told me last year that people stop him and ask ‘are you the craicon guy?’ He has succeeded in getting the craic on the streets at home widely known worldwide.

Last year Gerry approached me and asked if I’d do the craicon for the Muff and surrounding area. Eventually I got around to assisting earlier this year. We are now getting widely read on a daily basis. Recent stats are showing up to 600+ reads daily. The craic in Moville and Muff is stretching  by the day.

We are now being promoted in Western Australia thanks to The Irish Scene magazine in Perth. A wee mention goes a long way! Thanks to Fred Rea in Oz, the Western Australians are now familiar with the site. Here’s hoping the site gets many more mentions in the coming months.

For a small town and a village in Inishowen the craic really has gone global…so lets make lots more craic and get more towns and villages on board. If you can write and enjoy the craic do contact the email onsite…’s to developing