This has been an awful spring so far – in fact it hasn’t been a spring at all. This is mid-May and many of the trees and bushes have only buds on them rather than being in full bloom as they should be by now. The last of the daffodils are only just dying off.

However, this weekend there could be a great leap forward. Friday should be quite nice with temperatures of 12 degrees with a mixture of cloud and sun and a possible shower or two.

However, it is all change on Sunday and Monday with sunny days predicted with temperatures of 15 degrees.

I met someone today in Centra who said it was going to be a great July and August. That would be a change as the last time there was a good July was 1995 and the previous time it was 1976 – too far back for anyone under 20 to remember.

However, this guy said the prediction was made by some guy from New Zealand who examines a number of factors.

Let’s hope he is right.

We’ll enjoy the next few days anyway – and it will be an opportunity to get the grass, which has been growing like crazy over the last couple of weeks, cut at last.