Niamh Cregan from Muff is embarking on a solo gigging career having been part of a duo for the past two years. James and Niamh have played together around the pubs and clubs of Inishowen for over two years now and made a very popular name for themselves. They have over the past year successfully taken their musical talent further afield to Belfast and a selection of  gigs in Derry. But now Niamh is going out on her own and a solo career is currently underway.

Said Niamh, ‘The past two years have been amazing for me, the support from my family, friends and the community has been incredible. When I got my first gig in Rosatos I never thought I would have done so well. James and I were only fifteen at the time, we really didn’t expect to be performing every weekend up to now.’ The experience of playing with James has clearly given Niamh the confidence she now needs to go it alone. Having built up such a reputation she is widely known as a talented singer and musician.

Niamh adds ‘But these things happen and I’m not giving up on gigging, this is my first weekend on my own and I am already booked for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. I’m going to keep trying and hopefully have the support I have been getting the past two years. I can’t wait for this weekend!’ A very confident young lady has emerged in Niamh and this is sure to grow over the coming months and years.

James and Niamh will be remembered fondly by all their fans as a very talented young musical duo. But as Niamh says, ‘these things happen’, and here’s hoping they both view this ending as a new beginning. Craicon Muff wishes them both every success with their futures.

Niamh can be heard this coming weekend at The Persian Bar, Carndonagh, on Friday night from 10pm, Saturday night in The Rock Bar, and at The Point Inn on Sunday night from 9.30pm.